EU Research Grants

Ongoing projects in 2021 with funding of more than 1 million euros

Topic Project Head KEUR
Amount Granted
Efficacy and safety of thrombectomy in stroke with extended lesion and extended time window: a randomized, controlled trial (TENSION) Prof. Dr. Martin Bendszus
Dr. Steffen Luntz
Establishment and Exploitation of a European-Latin American Research Consortium towards Eradication of Preventable Gallbladder Cancer (EULAT Eradicate GBC) Prof. Dr. Justo Lorenzo Bermejo 2,362
Antibodies against Nogo-A to enhance plasticity, regeneration and functional recovery after acute spinal cord injury, a multicenter European clinical proof of concept trial (NISCI) Prof. Dr. Norbert Weidner
Dr. Steffen Luntz
Dr. Tanja Weiss
Creation of a European wide sustainable network for harmonised large-scale clinical research studies for infectious diseases (ECRAID-Base) Dr. Thomas Jänisch
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg
Penumbral Rescue by Normobaric O=O Administration in Patients With Ischaemic Stroke and Target Mismatch ProFile: A Phase II Proof-of-Concept Trial (PROOF) Dr. Steffen Luntz 1,351
Reconciliation of Cohort Data for Infectious Diseases (RECODID) PD Dr. Thomas Jänisch 1,237

Funding amount 500 KEUR - 1 Mio:

Topic Project Head KEUR
Amount Granted
Digital diagnostics – developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data (DECIDER) Prof. Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg
European Rare Kidney Disease Reference Network (ERK-Net) Prof. Dr. Franz Schaefer 997
Compact Cell-Imaging Device to provide insight into the cellular origins of diseases and to aid in the development of novel therapeutics (CoCID) Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager,
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg
Integrating Activities for Starting Communities (HITRIplus) Prof. Dr. Thomas Haberer,
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus
Scaling up the WHO-PEN package for diabetes and hypertension in Swaziland: a nation-wide cluster randomized evaluation of three strategies in Swaziland (WHO-PENatScale) Dr. Jan-Walter De Neve 649
European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) Prof. Dr. Franz Schaefer 643
A federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine (EUCANCan) Prof. Dr. Jürgen Eils 618
Development, dIagnostic and prevention of gender-related Somatic and mental COmorbitiEs in iRritable bowel syndrome In Europe (DISCOvERIE) Prof. Dr. Beate Niesler 613
Ongoing ERC Grants in 2021
Topic Project Head Grant KEUR
Amount Granted
Targeting tubular reabsorption for kidney protection (RENOPROTECT) Prof. Dr. Matias Simon Consolidator Grant 1,945
Hypothalamic Mechanisms of Thermal Homeostasis and Adaptation (Acclimatize) Prof. Dr. Jan-Erik Siemens Consolidator Grant 1,903
Improving health services to prevent heart attacks and strokes: Evidence for interventions (E4I) in large middle-income countries Dr. Pascal Geldsetzer Starting Grant 1,492
Dissecting the Functional and Therapeutic Impact of Somatic Copy Number Alterations (CrispSCNAs) Dr. Darjus-Felix Tschaharganeh ERC Starting Grant 1,400
Research Grants from the German Federal Government

Ongoing projects in 2021 with funding of more than 1 million euros

Topic Spokesperson KEUR
Total Amount Granted
German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK), 3.FP Prof. Dr. Johannes Backs 19,507
German Center for Infection Research (DZIF), 3.FP Prof. Dr. Stephan Urban 13,759
Medizininformatik-Konsortium HiGHmed Prof. Dr. Roland Eils
Prof. Dr. Christoph Dieterich
Adaptive Radiotherapy with Ion Beams (ARTEMIS) Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus 8,087
German Center for Lung Research (DZL), 3. FP Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kauczor 7,552
CLINIC 5.1: Comprehensive Lifesciences Neural Information Computing – ergebnisorientierte Patientenbehandlung durch KI-definierte Interventionen mit dem virtuellen Patienten in 4D. Teilvorhaben: - Multilaterale Datenintegration und KI-gestützter Decision Support Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus
Prof. Dr. Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz
Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger
Dr. Oliver Heinze
Prof. Dr. Stefan Duensing
SMART-CARE: A systems medicine approach to stratify the relapse of cancer Prof. Dr. Jeroen Krijgsveld
Prof. Dr. Carsten Müller-Tidow
Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup-Gregori
Prof. Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez
Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Prof. Dr. Andreas von Deimling
Prof. Dr. Sascha Dietrich
Initial treatment of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome in children with mycophenolate mofetil vs. prednisone: A randomized, controlled, multicenter trial (INTENT Study) Prof. Dr. Burkhard Tönshoff 3,612
An integrated SYstems Medicine approach to Personalized And targeted THerapy in leukemia and lYmphoma (SYMPATHY) Prof. Dr. Sascha Dietrich 3,142
Improvement of functional outcome for patients with newly diagnosed grade II or III glioma with co-deletion of 1p/19q - IMPROVE CO-DEL: a NOA trial Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick 2,948
LeukoSyStem - e:med Junior Research Alliance: Multi-scale, single-cell systems biology of leukemia stem cells in pathogenesis and therapy. Project B1: Single-cell multi-omic and metabolic characterization of leukemic stem cells to elucidate drivers of pathogenesis and therapy resistance at the single cell level leukemia PD Dr. Simon Raffel 2,577
German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD), 3. FP Prof. Dr. Julia Szendrödi 2,389
A randomized open label phase-II Ccinical trial with or without infusion of plasma from subjects after convalescence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in high-risk patients with confirmed severe SARS-CoV-2 disease (RECOVER) Prof. Dr. Carsten Müller-Tidow 2,150
National cohorts, health survey 2nd funding phase Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kauczor
Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
SMART-CARE: A systems medicine approach to stratify the relapse of cancer: junior group Prof. Dr. Jeroen Krijgsveld 2,003
Netzwerk Universitätsmedizin COVID-19: B-FAST - Nationwide Research Network Applied Surveillance and Testing Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans-Georg Kräusslich
Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager
Prof. Dr. Michael Knop (ZMBH)
Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
PD Dr. Claudia Denkinger
Prof. Dr. Georg-Friedrich Hoffmann
Liposomes as a platform technology for the oral delivery of macromolecular active ingredients (LipOra). Dr. Philipp Uhl
Dr. Max Sauter
German Biobanks Alliance / - Heidelberg Site (GBS) Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher 1,550
HiGHmed Medical Informatics Consortium: junior group: Digitale Bildanalytik (HiGHDiBi) Prof. Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez 1,434
The intergenerational cycle of family maltreatment: causes and prevention through health and social service interventions - 4 subprojects (UBICA II) Prof. Dr. Sabine Herpertz
Prof. Dr. Svenja Taubner
Prof. Dr. Beate Ditzen
Dr. Steffen Luntz
Optimizing collaboration between primary care physicians and psychotherapists: A study on the implementation of video consultations (PROVIDE) PD Dr. Markus Haun 1,286
Research into promoting help-seeking behavior by adolescents with mental problems through the use of new media; central project VCP (Pro-HEAD) Prof. Dr. Michael Kaess 1,199
Selbstverletzendes Verhalten: Mechanismen, Intervention, Beendigung - Online-Intervention bei Nicht-Suizidalem Selbstverletzendem Verhalten in der Adoleszenz - eine Randomisiert-Kontrollierte Studie (STAR) Prof. Dr. Michael Kaess 1,138
Development and evaluation of context-specific interventions to improve health care for asylum seekers (RESPOND) Dr. Kayvan Bozorgmehr 1,131
S100A1ct peptide-based therapy for decompensated chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) Prof. Dr. Patrick Most 1,127
Development of the basis for a new understanding of the pathological processes in multiple sclerosis in the brain (NanoPatho) - Subproject: Correlative hierarchical 3D nano tomography Prof. Dr. Rasmus Schröder 1,076
e:med Junior Research Alliance: MelBrainSys SP B.4: Model-based prediction and experimental validation of novel therapeutic interventions for melanoma brain metastases Dr. Matthia Karreman 1,069

Participation in five German Health Research Centers

German Center for Cardiovascular Research
German Center for Lung Research
German Center for Infection Research
German Center for Diabetes Research
German Cancer Consortium
German Center for Mental Health (under development)
Collaborative Research Centers of the German Research Foundation

Medical Faculty and Spokesperson

Title Spokesperson
CRC 1118 Reactive metabolites as the cause of diabetic complications Prof. Dr. Peter Nawroth
CRC 1129 Integrative Analysis of Pathogen Replication and Spread Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans-Georg Kräusslich
CRC 1158 From nociception to chronic pain: Structural functional features of neuronal pathways and their reorganization Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner
CRC 1389 Overcoming the resistance to treatment of glioblastomas Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick
CRC-TRR 83 Molecular architecture and cellular functions of lipid-protein complexes Prof. Dr. Thomas Söllner
CRC-TRR 156 The skin as sensor and effector organ orchestrating local and systemic immune responses Prof. Dr. Alexander Enk
CRC-TRR 179 Determinants and dynamics of elimination versus persistance of hepatitis virus infection Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager
CRC-TRR 209 Liver cancer – new mechanistic and therapeutic concepts in a solid tumor model Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher

Medical Faculty with Participation

Title Sites
CRC 873 Maintenance and differentiation of stem cells in development and disease Heidelberg
CRC 1036 Cellular surveillance and damage response Heidelberg
CRC 1249 N-heteropolycycles as functional materials Heidelberg
CRC 1324 Mechanisms and functions of Wnt signaling Heidelberg
CRC 1366 Vascular control of organ function Heidelberg
CRC 1425 Heterocellular Nature of Cardiac Lesions: Identities, Interactions, Implications Heidelberg, Freiburg
CRC-TRR 152 TRiPs to Homeostasis: Maintenance of Body Homeostasis by Transient Receptor Potential Channel Modules München, Homburg, Freiburg, Heidelberg
CRC-TRR 186 Molecular Switches in the Spatio-Temporal Control of Cellular Signal Transmission Heidelberg, Berlin
Other major German Research Foundation projects

Ongoing projects in 2021 with funding of more than 500,000 euros

Topic Spokesperson KEUR
Total Grant
Emmy Noether
mTOR dependent growth control in the myocardium
Dr. Mirko Völkers 1,909
Clinical trail
APOS study: Antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing infectious complications in orthognathic surgery
PD Dr. Dr. Oliver Ristow 1,789
Emmy Noether
Treatable metabolic weak spots in leukemic stem cells
PD Dr. Simon Raffel 1,153
Emmy Noether
Translational multimodality imaging of glioma hallmarks to assess the dynamics of the immune cell landscape and tumor cell invasion during targeted therapy
PD Dr. Dr. Michael Breckwoldt 1,095
Research Group 2407
Exploring Articular Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Degeneration and Regeneration in Osteoarthritis (ExCarBon)
TP 03: Bedeutung mechanosensitiver microRNAs für Knorpelfunktion und Pathophysiologie der Osteoarthrose
Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Richter 1,035
Individual Research Grant
Prospective evaluation of residual disease in intensively treated patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) as surrogate endpoint for survival
Prof. Dr. Richard Schlenk 941
Research Group 2509
The concert of dolichol-based glycosylation: From molecules to desease models
TP 09: Komplexbildung und pathologische Mechanismen in den Initialen Schritten des N-Glykosylierungswegs
PD Dr. Christian Thiel 901
Priority program 1923
Innate Sensing and Restriction of Retroviruses
TP 08: Capsid-dependent innate sensing and restriction of retroviral replication complexes
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans-Georg Kräusslich 893
Clinical Trial
Distal Pancreatectomy – A randomised controlled trial to compare minimal-invasive distal pancreatectomy to open resection (DISPACT-2 Trial)
Prof. Dr. Pascal Probst Dr. Rosa Klotz 836
Individual Research Grant
Role of zyxin family members in hypertension-induced arterial remodelling
Prof. Dr. Markus Hecker 805
Priority program 1923
Innate Sensing and Restriction of Retroviruses
TP 03: Antagonism of host cell restriction and sensing by HIV-1 Nef
Prof. Dr. Oliver Fackler 665
Research Group 2936
Climate change and health in Africa south of the Sahara
TP ZP 01: Development and analysis of population cohorts in Burkina Faso and Kenya
Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen 637
Individual Research Grant
Secondary use of clinical data for research and care – ethical, societal and legal aspects
Prof. Dr. Eva Winkler 615
Individual Research Grant
The role of PTHrP signaling for the mechano-response of mesenchymal progenitors and chondrocytes
Dr. Justyna Buchert 561
Research Group 2928
Refugee migration to Germany: a magnifying glass for broader public health challenges (PH-LENS)
TP 01: Natural experiment on contextual effects on health and health care among refugees (NEXUS)
Prof. Dr. Kayvan Bozorgmehr 560
Individual Research Grant
Characterization of HIV infection in resting CD4 T-cells
Prof. Dr. Oliver Fackler 546
Research Group 5146:
Defining the osteohepatic axis in the context of iron homeostasis - FerrO
TP05: Identification of iron-related signals controlling BMP expression in liver non-parenchymal cells
Prof. Dr. Martina Muckenthaler 541
Individual Research Grant
Proteomic and functional characterization of the growth-suppressing action of galectin-4 in colorectal cancer cells
Dr. Malwina Michalak 538
Individual Research Grant
Monoallelic expression of proteinuria-associated CUBN variants for renal self-defense
Prof. Dr. Matias Simons 535
Individual Research Grant
MicroRNA regulation of glucocorticoid-induced autophagy and progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Herr 533
Individual Research Grant
Exploring novel molecular mechanisms of TSC22D4 in development of diabetes mellitus
Dr. Bilgen Ekim Üstünel 516
Projects with other sponsors

Im Jahr 2021 laufende Projekte mit einer Fördersumme von mehr als 1 Mio. Euro

Topic Spokesperson KEUR
Total Grant
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Heidelberg concept for the cure of multiple myeloma Prof. Dr. Hartmut Goldschmidt 12,566
Klaus Tschira Stiftung: Bridges Project Informatics for life Prof. Dr. Hugo Katus 5,394
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Roboterassistierte Viszeralchirurgie Prof. Dr. Thilo Hackert 3,060
Deutsche Krebshilfe: German Cancer Aid: Continued funding of the National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg as part of the oncological centers of excellence funding program Prof. Dr. Stefan Fröhling 3,000
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Pilot project for the development of personalized cellular immunotherapy in solid cancers. Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger 2,879
National Institutes of Health (NIH): Rapid Research for Diagnostics Development in TB Network PD Dr. Claudia Denkinger 2,322
Klaus Tschira Stiftung: Establishment of a sustainable real laboratory for interdisciplinary and translational research in the field of mathematical modeling and simulation in ophthalmology Prof. Dr. Gerd Auffarth 2,178
Chica und Heinz Schaller Stiftung: Junior research group: Neuron-glia Interactions in neural circuits Dr. Amit Agarwal 2,123
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Newborn screening - Langzeit Schul- und Jugendalter Prof. Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kölker
Forum Gesundheitsstandort Baden-Württemberg: Der Kognitive medizinische Assistent (KoMed) - Klinische Entscheidungsunterstützung durch künstliche Intelligenz auf höchster Datenqualität Dr. Jan Larmann 2,050
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: DATA 5.0 – Data Acquisition, Translation and Analysis Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner 2,000
Ministerium für Soziales und Integration Baden-Württemberg: ZPM-Netzwerk BW – Ausbildung einer regionalen Versorgungsstruktur der Personalisierten Medizin in Baden-Württemberg, inkl. Zukunftskonzept Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Dr. Caroline Plöger
Chica und Heinz Schaller Stiftung: Junior research group: Membrane biology of viral infection Dr. Petr Chlanda 1,826
Ministerium für Soziales und Integration Baden-Württemberg: ARMED – Augmented Reality assisted, forensic Medical Evidence collection and Documentation Prof. Dr. Kathrin Yen 1,811
Chica und Heinz Schaller Stiftung: Junior research group: Laboratory of neural circuits and behavior Dr. Claudio D. Acuna Goycolea, Ph.D. 1,785
Chica und Heinz Schaller Stiftung: Junior research group: Stem cell-derived culture models for hepatitis E virus studies Dr. Viet Loan Dao Thi, Ph.D. 1,780
Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA): PRiVENT - Früherkennung und Frühintervention bei Risikopatienten zur Vermeidung von invasiver Langzeitbeatmung Prof. Dr. Joachim Szecsenyi 1,716
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Newborn screening - Weiterentwicklung Neugeborenenscreening Prof. Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kölker
Deutsche Krebshilfe: Risiko-adaptierte Prostatakarzinom Früherkennung durch eine Basis-PSA Bestimmung bei jungen Männern von 45 Jahren (PROBASE) Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner 1,602
Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung: Else Kröner-Promotionskolleg Heidelberg - Public Health Dr. Volker Winkler 1,550
Deutsche Krebshilfe: Phase I/II Umbrella Study of molecular adapted treatments in combination with radiation therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma without MGMT MGMT Promotor hypermethylation: NCT Neuro Master Match (N2M2) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick 1,500
MWK: Junior reseach group for pediatric precision oncology Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister
Dr. Kristian Pajtler
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Prädikativer Marker für Ansprechen auf Immunchemotherapie beim operablen NSCLC - iReP Studie Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger 1,431
Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA): Mind: Pregnancy - Online-basierte Achtsamkeitsintervention zur Stärkung psychischer Stabilität von Schwangeren und Förderung einer physiologischen Geburt PD Dr. Stephanie Wallwiener 1,370
Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA): ULCUS CRURIS CARE – Etablierung eines patientenorientierten, evidenzbasierten Versorgungskonzeptes für die Therapie des Ulcus cruris venosum in Hausarztpraxen mit praxisbasiertem Case-Management durch Medizinische Fachangestellte (VERAH) und Nutzung moderner IT-Unterstützung Prof. Dr. Joachim Szecsenyi 1,367
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: 2D-Druck von Arnzeimitteln für Kinder und Jugendliche Prof. Dr. Walter Haefeli
Prof. Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann
Deutsche Krebshilfe: Nationales Netzwerk Genomische Medizin - Lungenkrebs: Das Netzwerk der Onkologischen Spitzenzentren zur Präzisionsmedizin bei Lungenkrebs - nNGM-Lungenkrebs Prof. Dr. Alfred Stenzinger
Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Dietmar Hopp Stiftung: Register für Seltene Anämien Dr. Joachim Kunz
Dr. Arne Krümpelmann
Prof. Dr. Martina Muckenthaler
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kulozik
Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA): Participation-related goal achievement through remedies and equipment with mobility-restricting paralysis syndromes (NeuroMoves) Prof. Dr. Norbert Weidner
PD. Dr. Rüdiger Rupp
Prof. Dr. Michael Wensing
Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung - Else Kröner-Research Schools: Heidelberg Research School for Neurooncology Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick 1,000
Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung: Tumor-stroma-immune interplay in pancreatic cancer - decoding the enigma of long-term survival Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Markus Büchler
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger
PD Dr. Dr. Susanne Roth
Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung: Gedächtnisstörung als Früherkennungsmarker bei Alzheimer Demenz Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick
Junior Development Programs
Program Goal/Content Support
strctured doctoral program
(formerly: MD/PhD program)
Structured doctoral program in biology, natural sciences and clinical work for students of human medicine and dentistry after they have completed the first part of the state examination in medicine or the preliminary dental medicine examination 6 newly admitted students
Physician Scientist Protected research time with simultaneous relief from clinical work for physicians who have obtained their doctorates. Three-year program, the Medical Faculty finances two years of research time. The third year is for clinical advanced training and is financed by the department. 12 places approved
Research positions Dentistry Support for junior researchers in dentistry; funding of 50% of position for research work 3 places approved
Curriculum Clinical Research Modular qualification program for co-workers who are involved in the implementation of clinical trials. Absorption of the qualification costs
MEDISS (Medical Structured Scientific Program) Faculty-wide, structural doctoral program to support the academic exchange with experienced scientists, good scientific practice, and specialized courses For all medical and dental PhD students
Gender Equality
Program Goal/Content Support
Olympia Morata Postdoctoral qualification program qualified female researchers/physicians; protected research time: 2 years, 50% of the position 6 approvals
Rahel Goitein-Straus Support for the transition of female physicians/researchers to their first independent research work; protected research time: 1 year, 50% of the position 4 approvals
Short-Term Grants Support for research activities by women during or even after their residencies; protected research time: 3-6 months no approvals 2021
Mentoring Program For female researchers and physicians with modular management training and competency seminars as well as mentoring by experienced leaders no call 2021
Internal Research Support Programs
Program Goal/Content Support
"Third-Party Funding“ Bonus Program Researchers will receive a bonus for the acquisition of third-party funding for biomedical projects, which were awarded in a recognized evaluation procedure About 4.6 m €
Bonus Program Leading Publications Bonus for publications on research results which were predominantly developed at a facility of the Medical Faculty at the University of Heidelberg About 207 K €