Heidelberg University Hospital (UKHD) and the Medical Faculty at Heidelberg (MFHD) comprise one of the largest and most modern medical facilities in Germany. UKHD is a group with 14 subsidiaries.

Our mission

We see ourselves as the link between excellent research, future-oriented care, and outstanding teaching – to the benefit of our patients, who need the special capabilities and new insights of the University Medical Center in order to experience relief or a cure.

Our aim

Preparing our campus today for the medicine of tomorrow – digitalization, personalized medicine, and the translation between research and application are currently priority topics. This is why we are constantly expanding our infrastructure. For example, our new surgical building with 16 cutting-edge operating rooms, the planned interdisciplinary Heart Center, as well as planned the Hopp Children’s Cancer Center at Heidelberg. By means of numerous innovative projects, such as the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT Heidelberg) and collaborations, UKHD and MFHD are part of regional, national and international networks and are willing to provide decisive impulses for the further development of healthcare and research.

Our joint approach

Hospital and faculty are the largest employer and trainer in the city of Heidelberg. With their great commitment, approximately 14,500 employees in more than 100 job occupations contribute to ensuring that this ultramodern campus is constantly in motion and developing.

Key figures for 2021

Patient care

  UKHD (hospital) UKHD (Group)
Beds 1,995 2,585
Full-time inpatients 62,498 86,190
Outpatient visits 1,097,596 1,157,841
Patients from abroad 1,077 1,248
Case Mix Index 1.46 1.30
Average length of stay (days) 7.8 7.1


  UKHD (hospital) UKHD (Group)
Employees 11,606 14,621
Physicians 1,886 2,130
Nursing and functional services 3,149 3,799
Occupations more than 100 more than 100
Nations 112 125

Education and Training

About 4200
students in 9 medical courses of study
Doctorates and 56 habilitations in WS 2020/21 and SS 2021
Trainees in 22 training professions
officially recognized further training programs for nursing vocations


medical theory institutes
collaborative research centers with a speaker from Heidelberg, participation in another 8 collaborative research centers
EU projects with funding of more than 1 million euros
BMBF projects with funding of more than 1 million euros
DFG projects with funding of more than 500.000 euros
projects with other sponsors with funding of more than 1 million euros
157 million
euros funding
161 million
euros as state subsidy
Main research topics
Translational and individualized oncology | Cardiovascular medicine | Neurosciences | Transplants and individualized immunotherapy | Infectious diseases
Profile areas
Lung Research | Metabolic medicine | Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Informatics

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